Saturday, July 5, 2008


I'd be on a day-off tomorrow so I won't be posting here then. I'm thinking if I'd be taking Sundays off regulary, since... why not? ^^

Actually I'm the type that needs more rest in order to be productive. I've done that at work, so why not practice it in blogging, ei? All work and no play makes Ner a dull blogger. (Plus I have to catch up on other activities aside from blogging. Shh.) ;)

I've done a lot of overtime work in the past years, so I guess I can tell you that it's not healthy. With or without pay.

You'd just end up with more effort but less results. Rest.

And, once in a while, date yourself. How can others want to be with you when you don't even like being with yourself? ;)

Why'd I say that? I'm planning to watch a movie by myself later because I enjoyed the last time I did. However though I want to watch both Wanted and Hancock, I have to choose only one because of the time constraint. What do you think?

Have a happy and peaceful weekend, guys. See y'all on Monday. Ciao! ^^


fab said...

i agree with what you're saying sis, we should take time to rest and enjoy ourselves -- they do say that we should work hard but party harder.hehe :)

i watched HANCOCK kanina with my officemates and i would give it a 3 out of 5. Not your typical super hero movie, it's worth watching naman. i wouldn't know about WANTED though kasi haven't watched it too pero people are saying maganda daw.

if you decide to watch WANTED let me know if maganda nga ha?hehe enjoy your rest day! have a blessed sunday! :)

Hendrawan said...

where is it?

小美冰淇淋Paul said...



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