Monday, July 21, 2008

Till the Last Rose Dies

Plastic flowers for you
What do I do, I keep calling out your name
What do I do, I got no one else to blame
What do I do, Every time I hold your hand, it's not the same
What do I do, I think I fell in love with you

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Please play the accompanying OPM song, "What Do I Do", from Nyoy Volante. FYI to my international friends, Nyoy is a famous acoustic singer here in the Philippines.

I remember this sad story that I read from a text message:
A guy gives her girl 12 roses, eleven real and one fake. You see, the guy is about to die when he told her: "I will love you till the last one dies." *sob*

*sigh* I miss falling in love. Haha. XD


Nang Magblog si Winkii said...

no wonder why you miss being inlove. xD

Penn said...


Paganda na ng paganda mga kuha natin a! :P

Antagal ko na di nakavisit dito a! Busy e...

LOL you miss falling in love o you miss having someone fall in love WITH you? tricky, eh?


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