Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fil-Am Fest Exhibit Take-Off

Sorry, I wasn't able to post yesterday. Something came up in the afternoon and then my sister needed to use the laptop last night. Therefore, I owe you two pics for today. :D

Fil-Am Fest Exhibit: Replica Maritime & AviationLast Sunday, I noticed an exhibit near SM Clark's Event Centre after doing our groceries. On further inspection, I was amazed at the replicas of ships and airplanes displayed that it was a pity I didn't bring my camera. (I couldn't because I wouldn't be permitted to go inside Hypermarket.) But why do I have these pictures now? I came back. Hehe. :D

I don't think there was a tour guide for the little exhibit so I presume that it was a celebration for the Fil-Am Friendship Day last July 4, which is also the US Independence Day, of course.

It was rightful that the exhibit was done in SM Clark, especially for the planes below, because if we go back to our history, Clarkfield was the previous US Air Base in the Philippines. (While Subic, which is in Zambales, was the Naval Base.)

Pitts Replica Plane
I like this vibrant red plane.

US Air Force Replica Plane
Brings into mind Harrison Ford from Air Force One (the movie), ei? I liked that film. :D

More replicas in the following days. Except tomorrow because it's LP day! ^^


lowell said...

wow, nakita mo rin pala yung exhibit? nice nuhh? kita ko din sila, ang galing nga. too bad wala akong dalang digicam, so celfone lang. i saw Titanic din, nakunan mo ba ner?? :D

사깅 (saging) said...

i was there too! haha. and i took pictures, but they're all of me pointing at the planes. hahaha. kidding. yes. di ako marunong magkapampangan. nag-aaral ako sa UP :) ya sure. i put you in my links na ;)

ka silyas said...

wala ba dyan yung blackbird, haha yung x-jet nung x-men, yun kase yung trip kong eyrpleyn


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