Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Huge Symbol of Fil-Am Friendship

The Salakot

So as I said yesterday, here's the big salakot stage situated in Bayanihan Park, in front of Clark Main Gate and SM Clark. You will notice our previous bartending boys doing their show in front of the stage. :D

I've done a little bit of research on The Salakot and found this info:

...this monument stands as a sign of Philippine-United States friendship over the years. It was originally built to symbolize the historical signing of the Republic of the Philippines and United States Military Bases Agreement in the early 1950s.

Source: Clark Air Base History Guide

Before the Bayanihan Park was constructed (in line with SM Clark), there was the Salakot Arch and not this stage we see now. This has become one of the attractions in Pampanga already. Sa bagay, who has seen a bigger salakot than this? Moreso, who will wear it? XD

The salakot is a common symbol for Filipino identity. It is often portrayed as the hat worn by Juan de la Cruz, the symbol of the collective Filipino psyche equivalent to Uncle Sam of the Americans.

Source: Wikipedia

We need a humongous Juan dela Cruz for this salakot then. :P

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