Saturday, June 21, 2008

Children's Joy

This is a rough shot from my Nokia phone. I beheaded Jollibee! Waaah! Sorry, Jollibee. :(

I took this photo just this evening after watching a movie (by myself). I was on my way to the mall's exit when I passed by these children playing musical instruments at the Jollibee fast-food chain. What really dragged my feet towards them was the violin. I've always admired violinists because it was my childhood dream to play the violin. (But then I have a lot of childhood dreams. Hindi naman masamang mangarap nang marami, di ba? Hehe.)

I've never approached strangers so I can take their pictures. (I just take shots without them knowing. Har har har.) But because I didn't have the power of zoom in my hands, I asked them if I could take their picture after donating in their box named Children's Joy Foundation. (I'm convincing my conscience that I did not pay them for the picture.)

I was too shy to ask for their names; what I only knew was they came from San Fernando, Pampanga. Perhaps one day I can visit them... if I find them.


I have a soft spot for orphans.

That was since I visited a local orphanage back in high school because of an outreach program. We were told to bring toys for the kids and play with them. I picked a frail little boy of five in a sando shirt. I can't recall now if his name is Paul. At first, we were both shy and didn't know what to talk about. Until I played swing with him and that made him smile. I held his hand while we walked around the vicinity and got food and drinks. He sat on my lap while we watched the programme my classmates prepared for them. We were silent most of the time but I felt we both enjoyed each other's company.

The visit lasted for about four to five hours. The time came for us to go. My classmates and I said our goodbyes to our "children". Most of the kids didn't want us to leave. Tears welled up on Paul's eyes and he held my arm firmly. I hugged him and promised I'd be back.

Our class went back to the bus so we could go home. The kids waved us goodbye. When I got seated, I saw Paul waving his arms to me as well. I waved back to him despite the clutching sadness in my heart. I wanted to cry. I knew I would be breaking my promise.


blankpage said...

:P i like your concept of attributing stories to your pictures (then again, i think that's what pictures are supposed to do, right?). I wanted to make these kinds of stuffs too but I don't have the talent/time/ability/camera/inspiration
err...never had the chance to do so.

Anyways, just like photography, i never had the chance to do any charity work or any stuffs related to that...maybe that's why i still want to experience such..err heart-warming acts of kindness. Hmmm speaking of orphans, have you watched the cartoon, Judy? Tee hee, I guess that's the closest i've ever been to orphans. :P

Just checked out new i've said, i've been trying to get back to photogs again...i need all the help/inspiration i can get!

Ner said...

actually, this photoblog's purpose is for me to tell each picture's story or make a story out of each picture. ;)

lowell said...

nasa chowking din sila actually. last time i went there, dun sila nagpi-play. nilapitan nga aku nung isa at binigyan ako ng envelope, syempre alangan namang tanggihan ko haha, and nagustuhan ko naman ang music, so why not... and then they played yung song ng Callalily na play ni bernard sa guitar nung nag-alfredo's tayo... forgot the title na eh.

ako din ner, i like playing the violin, kaya lang tin whistler and guitarist ako eh, it messes up my fingering so di ko na tinuloy dati. pero on my b-day, i'll buy my ultimate uber crush na black violin. kahit magka-lokoloko na ang fingering ko, oks lang, childhood dream ko din yun eh! basta yung black lang, it's black violin or no violin at all.. i guess lahat naman tayo ginustong maging violinist hahaha.


小美冰淇淋Paul said...



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