Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Missed Church

Click here to view inside this church.

I wasn't able to go out today because of the storm. Well, I can go out but I don't want to be drenched. Thus I missed Sunday mass as well.

It's not that I'm a devout Catholic. (Sorry, but I'm not. Really.) I'd rather think of myself as a spiritual person than religious.

But there's that gnawing mindset that you've grown up into, which in turn molded part of your conscience. So I've grown up reminding myself to attend mass every Sunday and feeling empty when I don't.

Why not Monday?


marie said...

Same here and kinda guilty attending my friend's silver wedding bash in the evening.
Thank's for the visit.

korky said...

is that Sta. Clara de Montefalco Church in pasig? if it is, that's where i usually attend sunday mass. i also missed church yesterday because of the storm :)

ella said...

I sure can relate to the empty feeling, being spiritual than religious, and the gnawing mindset. When I miss church on Sundays, I even have this anticipation of some bad luck/happening anytime the whole week until I get back to church the next Sunday, since I did not get myself blessed. Now I know that's a little twisted. Hehe.

Ner said...

@marie: thanks for visiting as well! :)

@korky: ay hindi po. this is holy rosary parish church here in angeles city. :)

@ella: yey, i'm not alone! wehehe XD

petitay said...

parang kamukha ng church sa pampanga the st. peter church. :)

petitay said...

apalit church ba yan namiss ko tuloy ang church sa probins namin. hehe..

Ner said...

@petitay: sa pampanga nga, pero sa angeles, ung malaking simbahan kung tawagin :)

korky said...

hmm looks similar from the angle you took :)


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