Friday, June 27, 2008


This will surely be one of my personal favorites.

As the title implies, this image hasn't been touched or edited by any application. (But then, I can only count the edited images in this blog on my left hand.) But what makes it stand out among my untouched images is that I haven't even used any custom settings in my camera to get this green and gray shot.

That's what I also like with a few people --- untouched. Pure hearts, sincere souls. So rare can you find such individuals; that it's a treasure to have such friends.

I'm blessed to find some untouched gems on my way. Have you found yours?


Reflexes said...

good to know that you've found crystal clears gems in your are blessed!

Saging said...

i LOOVE cats. :) i made it my desktop. muahaha. tapos ngayon, this untouched picture is PRICELESS. gawin kong desktop, no? :D wahaha.

EMCEE said...

wala ako msbi kapatid kundi..


take care and Godbless :)


Photo-Africa said...

Nice image and Blog!

kaycee said...

i love it! your pics just get better and better!

Ner said...

thanks to all of you for appreciating! :)

小美冰淇淋Paul said...



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