Saturday, June 14, 2008

Stock-Still Peacefulness

Do you sometimes feel that the world moves on but you're just stock-still in your place? And yet it feels peaceful inside, ei?


Belen said...

Yes. If you're in the province you are moved by the natural beauty of mountains, fields,trees and rivers.It's a breathtaking. But if you're in Metro Manila, it is a breath exhaling.

Ner said...

Hahaha, right ^^

soreal said...

sometimes feel that way :)

beevee said...

i luuuuuv grass! how i wanted to have a similar place here in manila where i can just remove my flipflops and lie there in the grass. what a refreshing sight. :)

Ner said...

soreal: at least i'm not alone :D

beevee: love grass too! that's what i missed when i was in manila.


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