Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

So after our visit in Bayanihan Park, let's head back home. :D

This picture is one of my early takes in shooting... at anything. Hehe.

Yup that's our "trap" door, er, gate. XD
I was shooting at anything and everything in our small frontyard and I came upon our rusty gate. Our beloved rusty gate. I showed this image to my parents and they were repulsed. I loved it. (Not their disgusted reactions, but the shot.) ^_^

Funny how we see the same thing but have different perceptions, ei?

Have a happy Wednesday, everyone. May we see beauty despite the ugliness that surrounds us. Ciao! :)

P.S. Don't worry, we're painting the gate since yesterday. Details on that tomorrow. ;)

[Update 19 June 2008]

Details on the Project Paint Gate (PG). Sorry to redirect you to my personal blog because it's a mighty paint story, which cannot fit here in my photoblog. Hehe. Hope you can hop there for a while. Good day! :)


enday said...

madaming kalawang..
magaling, magaling, magaling,
yan ang patunay ng tunay na kagandahan
ng isang gate na hindi basta basta nabubuwag!
hehe..meaning, kahit ganyan ang itsura na nyan eh nag papakita at sumisimbolo pa rin yan sa tatag ng isang gate na maaasahan.

Ner said...

korek ka dyan, katotong enday! :D


bonggang bongga!
maganda,very artistic ung shot,
keep it up ner,
my talent k.

Ner said...

thanks, kabalen emcee! :)


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