Monday, June 30, 2008

First Cloud

Well, as the title implies, this is my first cloud post here. (I can't even think of a good enough title.) And one of the first good shots I ever took of clouds, which was just a few hours ago at Sapa Libutad, Angeles City. I visited Mama's cousins there for the first time.

Clouds were the main reason I got into thinking of photography way back in 4th year high school. I dreamt of having a camera just so I could take pictures of the sky, nothing else. I have always loved the sky --- its grand blueness and cotton clouds at day; and its glittery stars and lovely moon at night.

So after almost eight years of waiting... here's a cloud for you. :D


KD said...

Nice shot of the clouds, ganda ng pagka blue ng sky, wala pang CPL yan galing keep it up.

Ner said...

thanks po!

CPL - circular polarizing lens?

noob ako eh hehe.

KD said...

CPL di ko rin alam nabasa ko lang yan sa magazine..feeling pro hehehe.

seryusli, oo polarizing lens nilalagay daw sa lens para lalong maging blue ang cloud at lumabas ang kulay. Di pa sya na try pero planning to buy one para masubukan.


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