Monday, July 7, 2008

Pace Your Race

Bicycle vs. Jeepney

My internet connection now is so slow; I can't upload my supposed photo post for today. So here's a picture I took on my first "in-transit" photo shoot a month ago, which was previously uploaded already.

Of course, the jeepney will soon overtake the bicycle in front of it. But what's important is that the bike rider will get to his destination, as slow as it may be compared to the other automobiles behind it.

We have our own pace to accomplish our goals. Don't fret. :)

I hope I can get to my usual blogging and blog-hopping activities later when my connection goes back to normal. Sorry, guys, if I can't visit you right now. I am currently at pains posting this short article, so you can imagine how browsing can go into oblivion.

Have a happy Monday! Start the week with a smile. :)


ZuiYanHong said...

Cycling is a kind of exercise and need to worry about the fuel price.
Feel free to visit my blog

vErAdiK said...

wow sis! galeng mong mag capture ng pics! its not boring!

tcee! :)

Ner said...

@veradik: thanks, sis! you too, take care ^^

enday said...

ang taray ni manong.


kambal..pareho tayo! kabadtrip talaga internet connection ngayon..



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