Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You Drive

I think I'm getting into the habit of shooting pictures while riding the tricycle. This is the second time I've done this "in-transit shooting" and I really enjoy it. (Though most of the time I only get glimpses of jeeps and walls because, of course, we're moving. Hehe.)

Among all my trike-driver-hand shots, I picked this one because we're head on with another tricycle on the left. See? Trike on trike. :D

So what analogy can we conjure up this time? Hmm...

This brings into mind the notion that we are the drivers of our lives. There's always a map but it's our decision if we consult it or not. There are different highways and alleys we can enter and exit. But the essence of our ride is the destination. Are you on the right track, my friend? ;)

With that, have a wonderful evening and do sleep peacefully. ^^


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