Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Someone's Waiting for You

Top View

Okay with this picture, this childhood song came into mind...

Be brave little one
Make a wish for each sad little tear
Hold your head up though no one is near
Someone's waiting for you

Don't cry little one
There'll be a smile where a frown used to be
You'll be part of a love that you see
Someone's waiting for you

Always keep a little pray'r in your pocket
And you're sure to see the light
Soon, there'll be joy and happiness
And your little world will be bright
Have faith little one
'Til your hopes and your wishes come true
You must try to be brave little one
Someone's waiting to love you


blankpage said...

my gosh, ner...i'm loving the angle of this one!XD
ugh. i'm actually experimenting on my own cam right now...and so i'm trying to learn from the pics i see here and anywhere else. :P

I don't think i know this song. hey tell you, i'm planning to setup a blog like this in near future (as soon as i've got time)...hmmm yeah. haha un lang. :P keep it going, guru.

Ner said...

hehehe.. i didn't intend this shot. i was just waiting by MOA's balustrade on the 2nd floor for my friend and i found these kids below. so cute no? ^^

nge, wag namang guru. i'm just a beginner. perhaps my only advice is go for it, keep an eye for impromptu shots and keep shooting in different angles. good luck and do inform me when your blog is up. God bless ;)

Sexy Mom said...

one of the songs i like, and the photo--it's great!


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