Monday, August 25, 2008

Mall of Asia

Mall of Asia

I went to Mall of Asia last Saturday to meet with friends and it was actually my fourth visit there.

First was when we watched Ghost Rider care of our previous company. I wasn't even able to roam around because of the sole purpose of watching the movie then going home. Bummer, yeah.

Second was an out-of-the-blue invitation from Lain because he was so bored in his dorm. Prick and I travelled a long way just so he won't get bored. It was also my first time then to eat Krispy Kreme and watch IMAX. I'm okay for a second round of Krispy Kreme (especially if they get it here in Pampanga first) but not for IMAX (unless I'm watching in 3D na). It was Prick's fault for fooling us to watch coz he had a free ticket! I flushed out Php350 for a 2D I am Legend. Dam dam dam.

Third was after the IT Heroes event in the SMX Convention Center and it was my time to ask Lain if we could eat dinner there.

MOA hurt my feet last Saturday. Hehe. It was beautiful looking at those overhead domes, until it rained and the crew started mopping inside. Hehe. Pity there was no sunset to check on because of the drizzle. So my friends and I played arcade instead. XD

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