Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alone Time

Update: I only noticed now that it's published that it's actually my header, ei? Hahaha. Nice. :D


Sorry for this pic because it was only taken using my cellphone so I tweaked a little on the brightness and contrast. ^^

This was taken in Mimosa Leisure Park while I was waiting for a jeep ride. I've always wanted to take a shot on this lone bench and tree (but from a different perspective) since the moment I first saw it on my interview day (before I got the job, of course). However, I don't bring along my camera to work because I'm still shy to get it out and shoot on the grounds.

Hopefully, someday I'd get the courage and the chance to take my dream shot here. Happy weekend, guys! :)


사깅 (saging) said...

i was just here kanina! HAHA. share :P like this shot :)

l-mangyan-l said...

ganda ng kuha...

Ner said...

@saging> Sure ;) Buti andyan ka sa Mimosa? Hehe. Glad you like it ^^

@mangyan> Thanks po!

Toni said...

Ang ganda ng kuha mo. Solace is the best word to describe the shot!

kaycee said...

Love this shot! and you're right, parang yung asa header mo!
It doesn't matter if you kung cp camera lang gamit mo, it most certainly did the trick!
So great to hear from you again sis, take care =)

The Fab and The Furious said...

great shot sis! :) looks very much like your header but your picture is much better! hope you had a great weekend! xoxo


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