Sunday, September 21, 2008

Put Your Head on My Shoulder

I love hankies. They're a comfort to my empty hand.

However there's a superstition or a belief (I don't know where it came from actually) that you shouldn't give a hankie as a gift because it symbolizes tears therefore the recipient would have more time to cry, more time to grieve on sad stuff.

But we can altercate that by saying, we're giving a hankie so she (girls are more prominent weepers) can wipe away her tears. We're lending a friendly gesture, a shoulder to cry on. I think it's very sweet whenever I see someone cry and a friend offers his/her own hankie. That's a very personal moment indeed. (Except when the hankie looks overused and you-know-what. Hahaha.)

Good evening! Wipe away those tears and smile. :)

1 comment:

blankpage said...

You're posts are still as nice (and heart-warming) as they can be. ^^

Keep em coming. :)


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