Monday, September 29, 2008

Four You and Me

Happy 4th monthsary! And we're not only celebrating my four months in photoblogging but also Galleria Neri's achievement of PR4! Yay! Cheers to all!

I just wanna take this opportunity to thank all of you guys who continue reading and anticipating the posts here. I'm really sorry if I haven't updated regularly like before because I am not able to shoot pictures as I did back then. Rest assured, I'm still continuing with this blog even if I have my own domain.

Sorry for the pic because I took this using my cellphone again as I wasn't carrying my digicam at the time my friends and I ate over Grill 99 in Pampang, Angeles City. The shot didn't capture the sumptuous dish but here are 4 bacon-wrapped chicken pieces surrounding the mashed potato for us to share. Yes, those are mango slices on top. ^^ Mangan! (Let's eat!) :)


Tey said...

didn't recognize your blog. nice new layout you got Ner
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Ester's Health Blog
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friendsneighbors said...

Happy 4 page rank.. i too got a pr 3 and am enjoying this.. hope u visit back and lets have a link exchange.


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