Sunday, November 23, 2008

Teddy Sanctuary

I haven't been active here lately because I haven't been able to take pictures for a while. So I told myself to shoot anything this morning because I missed handling my camera.

I woke up great this morning after a few days of not feeling well. Thank God! ^^

This is my current sanctuary for sleep. (We tend to sleep wherever whenever in the house lately. So I got back to sleeping in my old room though I and my stuff don't necessarily stay there.) I like how the curtain's color reflects the sunlight. Perhaps I look like a sepia overtone when I wake up in the morning in this room.

Teddies and other stuff toys guard the sanctuary. I even played with Ger (the bear) and the curtain in this shoot. I think he liked it. (Ger I mean.)


There's no place like home whatever it may look like, how quirky or chaotic the people around you may be. It's still the sweetest place on earth.

Yeah, I know there are homes that aren't so sweet like the others. I know because mine isn't that sweet too. Nevertheless, we should love our home, our family, our sanctuary. Our home is where we can find utmost peace in ourselves.

Good night and sweet dreams! xoxo ^^


Sexy Mom said...

beautiful photos, homely, comfy

hope all's well with you

neri said...

Thanks, Ms. D for always dropping by. Really appreciate it ^^

I'm really happy that this turned out well as I've conceptualized. :)

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